Jordan Johnson Winning

Jordan Johnson Profile.jpg

Jordon Johnson, a sprinter on the Shorewood High School track team is no ordinary athlete. She is an accomplished student-athlete that strives to be the best she can be on a daily basis. Not only has she competed in the National Junior Olympics in Houston, TX last year, she expects to go to the state meet this year and win as many medals as possible. We had a chance to catch up with Jordan to ask her what she thought about her career so far. She said, “I’ve learned how to help build my teammates confidence as well as my own and how to take my performance on the track seriously.” Working well with others and helping to build each other up is a valuable trait that all athletes should copy for themselves. Other than her accomplishments on the track, she has a strong interest in the art world. She spends her time always creating or spending time at art galleries around the city. Even though she wants to continue running track on the college level, she has the goal to graduate college and become a museum curator. Here at PH Teen Sports, we believe in student-athletes that strive to be better and who stops at nothing to succeed. Jordan Johnson is one that we are proud to highlight.