Monet Lee, The Team Player

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Monet Lee, a catcher at the Milwaukee School of Languages is an exceptional student athlete who strives to be the best she can. We spoke with Monet about her life and how sports impact her. Growing up, Monet played many sports including basketball, football, softball, volleyball, and even rugby; but right now she calls softball to be her favorite sport. Even though she is a student, she has learned many lessons by playing sports. She said “one of the most important lessons that I've learned in sports is that it’s not about you as the individual. The decisions you make doesn’t only affect you. The entire team is impacted by your mistakes and your accomplishments.” Being a student athlete is all about balancing your academics with your athletics. Monet says that “academics play a major role; it keeps me accountable to my studies. If you don't get the grades, you can’t play the game.” Along with her success in the classroom, she also has accomplished things on the field like being team captain and being part of a traveling softball team. We like to ask each student athlete what they like to do in their sport, but we also want to know what they like to do away from their sport. Monet likes to cook and hang out with her family and friends. Her family’s support helps her life, “it’s really just the fact that they are there. It gives me strength and confidence to know they have my back.” We are proud to highlight student athletes who have good values, who works hard in the classroom and who plays hard on the field.

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