Karl Tatum

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Michael Gowin | Staff Writer

Track and field is a sport that isn’t at the forefront for most universities. While everyone’s focus is on Marquette’s men’s basketball team, Karl Tatum and the track team are preparing to sweep the Big East tournament. He says that he doesn’t get nervous for an important event, but there are always “butterflies in my stomach, but then I’m ready to compete.” Tatum has these emotions when he sprints because he was a very sought-after athlete in high school, and has had close ties to sprinting his whole life. He wasn’t always sure if sprinting was the route to take in college, but his family, friends, and mentors helped him make the decision. Tatum says that the number one tip he can give any student athlete is to “find a mentor and take advantage of all resources offered.” He understands that classwork comes before athletics. Tatum also owns Marquette’s 60m dash record of 6.91 seconds. He is a perfect example of performing in the classroom and on the track. Tatum is a corporate communications major, and also minors in economics as he prepares to join the workforce upon graduation. He sees a very close link between coaching and taking advice from his mentors. Tatum says that he needed to be pushed as a high-school athlete, but as a college sprinter, he “realizes that [his] craft needs to be perfected.” Tatum also frequently asks questions and engages his coaches to see if he can do more. We at PH Teen Sports are honored to showcase Karl Tatum as one of our rising stars.

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